Friday, November 2, 2007

Choosing A Computer Backup Program

Computer backup systems are not the sole component of a data center disaster recovery plan, but they certainly are one of the most important parts. Think of computer backup systems as insurance for the important data that keeps a business running, protecting it and restoring it when problems occur. Several factors must be considered when choosing the computer backup system that suits our data center's disaster recovery plan.

Too many businesses pay little attention to their data center disaster recovery plans (if they even have one), neglecting to test their computer backup system on a regular basis. It is a good idea to run a mock disaster exercise at least once or twice a year, and test to see that your computer backup system is up to the task of restoring whatever data is lost. Otherwise, you may later find out that there are severe complications in file restoration due to flaws in your backup program, setting the stage for a fatal file recovery disaster.

Your computer backup system can make or break your data center disaster recovery plan, which in turn could mean the difference between business success or failure. Take the time to learn, evaluate your options and choose wisely.

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What to Look for When Choosing A Suitable Computer Backup Program For Your Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

It's no secret that the data center is an integral of business operations. It holds all of the files, data, programs, and applications that a business needs in today’s technologically-advanced world. Lost or damaged files could deal a severe, or even fatal, blow to any successful company. That is why it's absolutely critical to invest time and money in a reliable data center disaster recovery plan.

Many people are often confused about just what to look for in a good data center disaster recovery plan.

No matter what type or size of business, this is an important decision to make. You really need to invest some time and effort into finding a superior computer backup system.

So, what should you look for in a computer backup system?

  • Security. Can it be configured so that only authorized users can access it? Can it keep your files and data organized, without any risk of being misplaced or deleted? Determining what the program's security system can and cannot do is vital in making a selection. The computer backup system you choose must be able to address your security concerns.

  • Accessibility. We know that your backup files need to be secure, but you must also be able to easily update and document your backup system. Superior accessibility boosts efficiency, allowing more time to work on other business endeavors and responsibilities.

  • Storage. Space will always be an issue in online computer backups, since even the smallest businesses can have a large library of files that need to be secured. You need to evaluate storage options and limitations of your online computer backups to determine if it can, in fact, handle all your precious data.

  • Ease of Use. A user-friendly program is good to have. A simple but effective program will be used, checked, updated, and tested more frequently than a cumbersome one, minimizing the risk of file recovery disaster and increasing the likelihood of full recovery from disaster.

  • Reliability. The computer backup system you choose must be able to store your data in an organized manner and restore it completely should the need arise, no matter what.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Still Don't Have a Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan ?

Another reason that a sound data center disaster recovery plan can save you alot of headaches, heartaches and money!

Nothing destroys a file system, or even an operating system, faster than malicious code.

Viruses, Trojans, Worms and other malicious attacks run rampant on the Internet and even in corporate networks, threatening your computer systems every day. The risk of file corruption is very high these days.

Computer viruses and malicious attacks can corrupt or delete files and generally wreck havoc on your data center, which can cripple your business very quickly. Having a good computer backup system can get your business back on its feet quickly and restore the corrupted files, allowing you to get back to business quickly.

Anyone who has ever had to recover from such a situation can probably tell that I’m speaking from experience on this one! ;)

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Are you Ready?

Yesterday I talked about how important a data center disaster recovery plan and good computer backup system were to your business.

Well, here’s a few more thoughts…

Disaster Defined. When I hear the word “disaster”, I think of major natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and hurricanes. But, you know what? Data center disaster recovery plans aren't limited to full-blown disasters. Any loss of data can constitute an emergency in a business. If the hard drive on your computer failed right now, what would you lose? Whether it’s your contacts, documents, database files, financial information, customer orders, or the only recorded copy of Grandma’s famous plum pudding, chances are it would be pretty devastating! If you have a recent full system backup, you can be back up and running in no time.

Computer backup systems boost work efficiency by restoring damaged or deleted files quickly in the event of a loss, resulting in a barely noticeable drop in production rather than a major delay.

Your Bottom Line. It's true, investing in a data center disaster recovery plan can save you money. By preventing and solving problems of all sizes from affecting and slowing down business, you will be saving money in the long run. It can even prevent major financial losses! Read on.

Worst-case scenario. Disaster (natural or otherwise) has struck! Valuable data has been destroyed! How relieved will you be when you are able to restore all of your lost data from your online computer backups? The unfortunate businesses down the road, who didn’t bother with online computer backups will be wishing they took their data center disaster recovery plan seriously as they struggle for weeks or even months trying to rebuild their businesses from the ground up. The sad fact is, some never do recover.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Do You Really Need a Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan?

It’s a sad reality. So many new businesses could have avoided failure if only they had recognized the importance of having a data center disaster recovery plan in place.

Where does data center disaster recovery fall in your list of priorities? Do you think that a disaster is a very unlikely occurrence, or maybe that your data isn’t that important to your business?

So, do you really need a Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan? You be the judge. But before you make that decision, consider these points…

First off, it will give your customers and your staff peace of mind knowing that they are protected against any kind of disaster. This assurance will act as a major selling point to potential customers and will give your existing clients a reason to remain loyal to your company, helping to build a strong customer base.

We’re all human. How many times have you deleted or misplaced important files or program files? Computer backup systems are the backbone of all data center disaster recovery plans, but solid documentation is an important factor in an effective data center disaster recovery system. A good system is capable of sorting and organizing backup data easily. This is extremely useful when there is a need to locate and restore original files and programs that have been deleted or misplaced as a result of human error.

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